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Community. That is the driving force behind Apostrophe. We love to call ourselves the “A-Team,” as we know we are our best when we work together. Over the last three years, with the pandemic and all the challenges that have erupted from it, the community that we’ve built at Apostrophe has been a guiding light for us. It’s helped us navigate murky waters as we’ve come to rely upon our teammates not only professionally but personally. The Apostrophe Mentorship Program (A.M.P.) has become an extension of our community —a way to not only continue our meaningful work creating diversity within our industry but to also build equity for underrepresented artists and foster an inclusive environment. 

This sense of community is what inspired this year’s theme for Amplify magazine: Utopia - the idea that the world gets better if people work to improve it. We believe having a supportive community allows artists to create their best work and we all experience examples of that when we come together on set. That experience was taken from so many of us during the pandemic and it’s been wonderful this year to be fully back on set and to continue to support these emerging artists and build their careers.

This magazine is dedicated first and foremost to the brilliant BIPOC artists that participated in this year’s Apostrophe Mentorship Program. We are so proud of how the mentees have grown the Apostrophe collective and for the inspiration they bring into our network with their creativity. We hope that this work inspires you in your community building and creating your own Utopia. 

Click here to view AMPLIFY MAGAZINE VOLUME 2022

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