Now Representing // Prop Stylist Rebecca Donnelly

Why are we excited that stylist Rebecca Donnelly has joined the Apostrophe roster? Because she can glide among genres—cosmetics, soft goods, lifestyle interiors—with ease and grace. Her formidable skills can be traced back to her early days as a photo editor at Martha Stewart and Domino, two magazines noted for their exceptional taste level. And her approach is just plain fascinating. Sometimes Rebecca will create a backstory for her shoots, sort of the way an actor might dream up a whole life for a character. She’ll think about the person who lives in a space she’s styling, for example, and then design it according to how she imagines they’d live. Other times, she’ll dream about how to execute a project and then apply those ideas in real life. “Some of my most popular images have been things I’ve dreamt about,” she says. We invite you to explore Rebecca’s work, and to dream of the possibilities…

July 13th, 2020 / Share
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