Zach & Buj - Bambolina

Bambolina, by directors Zach & Buj.

A curious thing about fig trees: they will only bear luscious, syrupy, pendulous fruit if pollinated by a wasp. And if you happen to be in, say, an outdoor bar in Sicily when the wasps are doing their business, it’s not uncommon for one to land on the rim of your cocktail glass, lured there by the sweet summer aperitivo within.
It was just such an encounter, in just such a place that inspired this film. The drink - and the girl - are affectionately called Bambolina.
Here’s how you make a Bambolina. (The drink)
In a cocktail shaker, place a good swig of Campari or Aperol, the juice of half a blood orange and a splash of limoncello. Shake over ice until frothy, then strain into a nice big coupe.

September 8th, 2021 / Share
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