Dawn Heumann

Dawn's childhood shaped her into precisely who she is today. Her father, a filmmaker who specialized in travel films would shoot and edit them while her mother wrote and produced them. Together, they toted Dawn across the world as they created these fascinating films. The upbringing not only trained her to constantly see the world through a lens, but it also taught her to be curious, resilient and kind.

Now, as a heart-driven story teller she thrives working with authentic people and telling brand's stories. She has a deep love for adventure, food, people, laughter, texture and light to name only a few.

Dawn prides herself on bringing an energetic, positive, and can-do attitude while nurturing her interpersonal client relationships. She takes delight in being the photographer who you'd want to be on set with. Dawn has a BA in Philosophy, an MFA in Fine Art Photography and always remains thirsty for knowledge and worldly experience.