Before picking up a camera, Justin had a whole career in medicine and public health. Somewhere along the way to his masters degree, he discovered photography and how he could tell a person’s story through a portrait. From there, he realized that it was the people that drew him to medicine. By capturing real, relatable, organic moments, he could quickly create a sense of intimacy and a connection between viewer and subject through the shared understanding of what drives the human spirit. His goal for any shoot is to leverage these meaningful moments of connection with his subject to infuse a campaign with the overarching notions of community and connection. He knew he could make an impact through a documentary approach to capturing his subjects and their surroundings. In his commercial work, he takes this understanding and create the same intimate connection between our viewers and your brand.

Selected Clients: Google, Meta, Etsy, Casper, Pfizer, Cisco, Ebay, Levi's, Kinfolk, Aime Leon Dore, NYT, AirBnB, Sonos