Priscilla Gragg

Priscilla's adventure began many years ago when she left her home in São Paulo, Brazil to be an au pair in Vail, Colorado. She left behind a loving family and a great job as a preschool teacher, but was grateful for the opportunity to immerse herself in a new culture and improve her English. As fate would have it, this journey led her to meeting her future husband, traveling the world together and ultimately settling in beautiful San Diego. Surrounded by the beauty of the ocean, amazing California sunsets and fresh memories of her trip, Priscilla realized it was time to follow in her grandpa and dad's footsteps and become a photographer. She picked up her camera, photographed some friends, then photographed some strangers, and jumped head first into a career in photography.

Today, Priscilla Gragg is a fashion-lifestyle photographer. She views kid’s photography as the perfect fusion of her teaching experience, her childhood memories and being a mother herself. Priscilla currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children, Naya and Bia, who provide Priscilla with constant inspiration. When she is not shooting, Priscilla enjoys time with her family, traveling and doing Yoga.