Now Representing // Zach & Buj

Is the work of photographer/director duo Zach & Buj for you? That depends. You have to be someone who’s drawn to people who are expansive in their creativity and thoughtful in their collaborations (both with each other and their clients). Maybe you appreciate visuals that are unusually sophisticated but can also be surprisingly whimsical. Perhaps you’re intrigued by the way the pair’s wildly divergent backgrounds—Zach DeSart had NASA engineers for parents, and Burcu Avşar hails from Istanbul, a port city whose beauty is legend—inspire their aesthetic outlook. Maybe you’re amazed at how fluidly they move among genres (cosmetics, home appliances, interior design, hotels, financial services, etc.). All we know is we’re in love with these two, and we think you’ll love them too.

February 11th, 2020 / Share
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