Anaïs and Dax are Los Angeles-based photographers and directors and have lived there for 15 years. Anaïs was born in Paris and raised in Milan by a French mother and an American father. Dax was born in Peoria IL, moved around from Corpus Cristi TX to Sacramento, until he landed in Montana. Their shared passion for photography became a big part of their relationship early on and shooting together felt like the right thing to do. They have traveled all over the American West and Europe, documenting their experiences and the people they meet. They are romantics, daydreamers and of gregarious nature. They care the most about their connection to their subjects and how they can tell their story authentically. Their different backgrounds and Californian sensibility lends a feeling of ease, joy and artfulness to their imagery. They strive to create real, observational and unstaged imagery.

Selected Clients: Google, Apple, Levi's, North Face, AT&T, Bud Light, HP, GE, Amazon, Mack Weldon, Nike, Therabody, Square, Coca Cola